Submission and evaluation criteria

After the meeting on February 24, 2022, the Scientific Committee of the III Conference on Innovation and Development in HUVN Care, entitled: The Value of Care, Prioritize, Strengthen and Innovate, which will be held on February 6-7 October 2022, they are ready to present the participation requirements, the evaluation criteria, as well as the necessary information for the correct development of these Conference.

General Rules

1. Only originals that have not been published in journals or communications in other congresses will be accepted.

2. The works may be presented in Spanish or English.

3. The maximum number of signatories per communication is limited to 6.

4. All the signing authors of the work must be registered in the Conference for said work to be accepted.

5. Changes in communications will not be accepted after final acceptance.

6. Each author may appear in a maximum of THREE communications.

7. The name of the authors will be identified in the submission with the complete institutional affiliation (as stated in the form).

8. The order in which the authors appear in the registry will be the one used for the subsequent edition of the certificates of participation.

9. All notifications will be made via email to the referent of the submission of the work.

10-The Scientific Committee of the Conference will evaluate the summaries of scientific papers in pairs, under rigorous criteria. After this evaluation there will be the following options:

• Job acceptance. You are urged to make and incorporate the poster with the final work

• Acceptance with “conditions”, where they will be informed of the evaluation and given time for modifications. The new summary will be evaluated again and the definitive acceptance or rejection will proceed according to the evaluators' criteria. If the author does not make the indicated modifications, the publication will be rejected.

• Final rejection. Methodologically, it does not meet the criteria or does not adapt to the regulations of the Conference.

11. The authors will authorize the Virgen de las Nieves University Hospital to disseminate it through the means it usually uses.

13. The authors undertake, in the event of advertising it, to refer to the fact that it has been presented and accepted at the III HUVN Care Innovation and Development Conference: “The Value of Care, Prioritize, Strengthen and Innovate”.


RESEARCH WORK: Content and format.

-The summary will have a maximum length of 700 words.

-It will be presented according to the following scheme:

1. TITLE: Concise, maximum 15 words. Avoid abbreviations. It will not count as words used in the abstract.

2- AUTHOR/S: Responsible author and co-authors. It is essential to indicate category and specialty if you have, work center, location and mail of all authors. It will not count as words used in the abstract.

3. INTRODUCTION/JUSTIFICATION: Background on the treated subject and justification of the work.

4. OBJECTIVES: Clear, consistent and measurable with the proposed study design.


Study population/participants
Data Collect
Data analysis
Ethical aspects. It is important to refer to the acceptance by the Ethics Committee)
6. RESULTS: Tables and figures are not allowed.

7. DISCUSSION/CONCLUSION: Relevance and impact of work in the health or scientific environment.

8. BIBLIOGRAPHY: The bibliography must be in Vancouver or APA format. It will not count as words used in the abstract.

Once the abstract is accepted, they will be asked to upload the final work in Poster format, to do so use the template hosted on the WEB (a template with the requested size and logos can be downloaded), when you finish your completion you will be asked to save in PDF format (ask) and upload that file to the platform.